Hey fellows and Ahoi!

The following few words are for those who want to get in touch with the Rotaract Club Hamburg-Altona.  You might either already be a member of Rotaract visiting Hamburg or you might even live in this beautiful city and you would like to get to know new people. No matter what your reason is, you are more than welcome!

  • What is Rotaract?
    As members of Rotaract, we are young members of the Rotary community. Rotaract stands for “Rotary in Action”, including many activities following the Rotaract principle of  “learn, help and celebrate”.  More than 3700 members in around 180 clubs all over in Germany pursuit together to support other people in the creed of friendship, fair play, and tolerance within an international mindset.
  • Who are we as Rotaract Club Hamburg-Altona?
    In 1981, on 2nd May, the oldest of the five Hamburg Rotaract Clubs was founded. We have been a very motivated and active group with people from various backgrounds from the beginning on. Within our club life we are running different meetings and events, covering charity aspects, pub crawls/after work events or informative talks to educate ourselves.
  • Do you want to join our next meeting?
    Great! Use our contact form. We will let you know the details about our next meeting and give you all the necessary information you are interested in.